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You can view the largest solar array of any privately held firm in Maine from the turnpike, as you approach Geiger. In the winter when the hours of sunlight are short we buy electricity through Central Maine Power. In summer when we have enough to support our company, we send it back to CMP.

The solar panels will eliminate about 320,000 pounds of carbon pollution from fossil fuel power plants every year. At a cost of $550,000 with a 13-year payback time, you know Geiger commits itself to the environment.

What offsets the carbon neutral packages? UPS calculates the carbon emissions for shipments, then purchases offset projects that equal that amount. These projects may include reforestation, renewable energy, and more.

Invest in a future you believe in. View Geiger's ESG Guide and see how we're guided by our True North. From environmental initiatives that minimize our footprint to social impact programs that empower communities, discover our unwavering commitment to making a positive difference. Together, we can chart a course towards a more sustainable future.

View Our ESG Guide

solar panels
Electricity - Our Solar Panels

We built a 696-panel solar system at our corporate offices in Maine and are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified at the Gold level. We derive 100% of our power from the panels.

global team
Carbon Neutral Shipping

Every UPS shipment from either our suppliers or to our customers is fully offset. We are one of the top 10 neutral shippers in the U.S. to have this contractual relationship with UPS. We have purchased these offsets for over 5 years!

unique thinking
Giving Back

Geiger gives back to the communities where we live, work, and do business. Local offices and associates work tirelessly to raise money for local and national charities, volunteer at organizations and get involved.

trees planted to replace paper
Turning Copies Into Trees

Because of our relationship with a printing firm, a tree is planted whenever we use a certain amount of paper from these machines.


We recycle cardboard and quality paper at our corporate offices. We continue to grow an account that helps areas schools by cashing in returnable bottles/cans.

work at home
Work at Home Program

Geiger employs associates across the nation, allowing them to work out of their home office to save miles - saving an estimated 20,000+ gallons of gasoline annually.

Corporate Renovation in 2018

Geiger's $12.5 million renovation focuses on solar power investment for energy efficiency. The project includes natural light enhancements, open-concept workspaces, LED lighting for brightness and energy savings, energy-efficient walls and ceilings, and a highly efficient natural gas heating system.

We have a whole host of items considered eco-friendly. Take a look at our Green Guide Look Book for ideas and definitions or grab one of the items below.